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Financial Support update

We are so thankful to the Father and to so many supporters that each month our needs continue to be met.

To update you on where we are at financially, we are living under budget. Although a few people have increased their support, others have been unable to continue. So if you feel led to join in supporting this ministry we could use your help! We are down $2,000 per month.

A few of our needs are: 1996 car replacement (350,000 km on the clock), much increased travel to train leaders, both national Algerian and French based key leaders to multiply churches.

Travel is essential, as is bringing our house up to the city norms by hiring an architect who will resubmit the house.

Thank you for prayerfully considering this. And churches who have lowered their support.

To support us in this ministry go to:

Then click on the "Give" tab at the top, then the "Frontiers Workers" button. Note: Our "Worker's Account Code" is 4763.

Or By mail. Make your check payable to Frontiers and send to:

PO Box 60730
AZ 85082-0730

Leave the Memo field of the check blank and write "For Don and Evey Heckman acct #4763" on a separate note. It is tax deductible, of course.

Our eternal thanks,

Don and Evey Heckman