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In French, the word "amateur" means a person with a high commitment, interest and familiarity with a subject, not at all the meaning of "debutant" as it would be in English.

Our suggestion to become both familiar with this website—and—with the subject of the life of Muslims as they come to Christ, may I suggest the following book, "Christ Loves My Muslim Friend."

This is a snippet from the book, Case Study 6 Chafic and Suade, Muslim Friends That God Loves "Chafic and his wife Suade came to our home. We sat down for a while as we greeted them. Suade wore her head covering. Then I brought out a bilingual New Testament in Arabic and in French. I turned to the Prodigal Son in Luke 15 so they could follow the story as I read it to them.

Suade had previously met our trainee Ashley in the open vegetable market when Ashley spoke a few Arabic words to a vendor. Suade said, "Come to my home now, it is urgent, you must follow me." Dressed in a black hijab veil that covered her from head to foot Suade seemed hospitable but imposing. My wife Evey went with Ashley to visit Suade who pronounced the blessing of God as she entered her apartment. That same Suade brought her husband Chafic along to our home.

As we began our reading of the Prodigal Son in Luke 15, something amazing happened. Chafic took over and started to read the story himself. Then he became animated, and began commenting on the story. "The son insulted his father!" "He came back defiled. His father ran to see him?" "Why did his father do that?" I rather lost my job of telling the story! I could see God at work. The secret was to turn Chafic’s hunger over to God, rather than to make myself too much of an answer man."

Workers and contextualized teachers may want to order several copies at a great discount for class or seminar use. Scott wrote, "Your key tips are wonderful and confirmatory... we have enjoyed going out to minister on the streets and we have felt a tugging at our hearts to connect with the people..."